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James B Plavin

james plavin


Service: Sunday, July 23, 2023 10:45 am - 11:30 am

Sanctuary of Abraham and Sarah

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  1. We became friends with Jim after he met our friend Amy. On our evenings out we would discuss cars and biking. Jim always warned me to always look straight ahead while biking. The guy would ride his bike for hours. Jim, you will be missed. RIP

  2. Having grown up together this is a huge loss of a childhood family friend. Jimmy will always be remembered with fondness as a kind and caring person. Each time I saw him we shared memories and well wishes. I regret not having had more time with him, but events as they were kept us apart for much of our adult lives. That made every encounter more special. There should have been more and it is with great sadness I express these thoughts.

  3. My heart broke when I learned of Jim’s passing tonight. I remember kissing his shoulder when I was called up to light a candle at his bar mitzvah. I also remember one time, when we were very young, he and my brother, Dave, were playing in our backyard. They discovered a Yellowjacket nest in the ground and Jimmy decided to put a welcome mat over it and pounded it in with his heel. I had joined the two of them at that point, when we determined that it wasn’t such a good idea—so Jimmy ripped off the mat—an army of bees literally came out of the ground, formed an arrow and went after the three of us! I’ve never run so fast in my life’. We were all stung multiple times as we raced into the house. Some bees followed us in and my parents proceeded to kill them! What a night!

    While my heart aches for the loss of my cousin, his life will be celebrated and valued for being such a welcoming, generous person. Sending all my love and a huge supportive hug as we all navigate our way forward, cherishing the special
    With love,
    Lynda Plavin Fitzgerald

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