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Dates and Holidays


Yizkor, meaning “remember”, is the memorial service recited four times a year in the synagogue. Traditionally, a yahrzeit candle is lit before the fast begins on Yom Kippur and before sunset on other holidays. It is advisable to consult with your rabbi for proper guidance on observing Yizkor, ensuring that you adhere to specific traditions and practices associated with this memorial service.

In Israel, Yizkor is said on 21 Nisan, the last day of Passover, and 6 Sivan, one day earlier. The observance of Yizkor in Israel aligns with the Jewish calendar and local customs.

Jewish Holidays

The observance of Jewish holidays and festivals traditionally begins at sundown on the night before the specified date. This practice stems from the Jewish calendar’s adherence to the lunar cycle. While the first month of the Jewish calendar, Nisan, falls in the spring and marks the beginning of the religious calendar, the holiday calendar initiates with Rosh Hashanah—the celebration of the Jewish New Year. This approach aligns with the broader cultural and religious significance attached to the lunar-based timing of Jewish observances.

Yahrzeit Calendar

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