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Graveside Service or Chapel Service

A Jewish Funeral can take many forms. There are many options in the Jewish Funeral Rite of burial mostly depending on how strictly the family practices their faith. Jewish Funerals can be performed in a very Orthodox Manner or a more Conservative or Reform nature.

Our Funeral Directors specialize in tailoring the Jewish Funeral to meet the needs of the families we serve. Eden Memorial Chapel is a Jewish Funeral Home that along with their Jewish Funeral Directors, is proud to serve and meet the needs of families who need guidance in arranging a traditional or non-traditional Jewish Funeral for their loved ones.

The Jewish Graveside Service

The Jewish Graveside Service is a poplar choice for many of the families we serve. Due to Eden Memorial’s unique location, situate at the convergence of New Jersey’s Major highways, and the “Gateway to New York”, the George Washington Bridge, we easily service all New York and New Jersey Jewish Cemeteries. Especially for families who want to assemble at our Chapel and drive in procession to the cemetery for services. Eden of New York is situated withing minutes of the major Jewish cemeteries of Long Island and Queens. Our locations, close to all cemeteries, make us a natural choice for serving Jewish families in their time of need.

The Jewish Graveside Service consists of all service being performed in the cemetery at graveside. Eden will gladly arrange for a Rabbi based on the families wishes. We work with all area Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Rabbis. Our Rabbi’s as well work with families to prepare a fitting service, and personally each service based on conversations they have with the family, to fully understand and know the life of the one they are eulogizing.

During the service family and friends have the opportunity to participate and assist, if desired, in the burial process. Eden Memorial will supply all items necessary and make arrangements for all services. We will gladly bring our custom Graveside Amplification System, which insures that all attending will be able to hear the service, ask us about this new system.

The Jewish Chapel Service

The Jewish Chapel Service, meets the needs of those families, who want to insure a comfortable, convenient environment for their family and friends. Eden will work with the family’s Rabbi, or arrange for a Rabbi for the family, to plan the perfect service. Our Jewish Funeral Chapels were designed to accommodate both very large and very small families. Our ample on site parking lots, allow for well organized processions to the cemetery for those who wish to accompany the deceased and their family to the grave. The Burial process in Jewish Law, is considered the truest Mitzvah, as it is not an obligation and more importantly the one act the deceased can never re-pay. As such many of the attendees of the Jewish Chapel Service choose to take place in the final rite of Jewish Burial at the graveside.

We welcome families to inspect our new convenient Jewish Funeral Homes, to speak with our Jewish Funeral Directors, and to allow us to help you decide if a Jewish Graveside Service or Jewish Chapel Service meets the needs of you and your family.

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